The next 3 months Sailing from Grenada to Tahiti

Here is a rough schedule of our upcoming trip from Grenada to Tahiti.  We fly in to Grenada April 5th.

Grenada to Tahiti trip duration:
Arrive Grenada, prepare boat, provision 5 days
Grenada – Colon Panama approx 1200nm  8-10 days(as you know this passage can be a little sporty off the coast of Venezuala)
Colon Panama & canal transit  7-14 days(need to do some research on current transit times)
Panama City 3 days prep time
Panama City – Puerto Ayora Galapagos 940nm  7-9 days
Layover in Galapagos  7 days
Galapagos to Hiva Oa  2970nm  20-25 days
Layover Hiva Oa  3 days
Hiva Oa – Nuka Hiva 1 day
Layover Nuka Hiva 5 days
Nuka Hiva – Papeete  755nm 6-8 days
Put boat to bed in Tahiti 7 days

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