Time for a vacation

I finished the refit work that I’ve been doing on Limbo since I got here and now I have a week left on St. Thomas to chill, drink rum, visit with all my friends, nap and enjoy myself before heading back to Vegas.  I did quite a few projects on the boat & I’m helping the owners to sell the  boat so they can move on to their next adventure.

S/V Limbo moored in Christmas Cove

S/V Limbo moored in Christmas Cove

I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent here, meeting the owners Del & Joanne, showing them around the islands, refitting their boat and being able to get out of the cold Las Vegas weather for a month.

S/V Limbo moored in Christmas Cove just east of St. Thomas

S/V Limbo moored in Christmas Cove in the lee of Great St. James island

Del & Joanne, the owners of S/V Limbo have had the boat for 14 years in which time they nearly circumnavigated & they had some great stories to tell.  I spent quite a few evenings aboard grilling & drinking rum while they told stories about the time they’ve had the boat and all of the cool places they visited.

The view of Cowpet bay from the St. Thomas Yacht Club

Hanging out at the St. Thomas Yacht Club

For now I’m finished working for them onboard.  I am helping them to sell their boat which entails handling the online listing, fielding phone calls, emails and answering lots of questions about the boat while Del & Joanne continue cruising around and exploring the Virgin Islands.

View of Cowpet bay from the St. Thomas Yacht Club

View of Cowpet bay from the yacht club.

For the next week I’ll be staying with a friend in her condo at Regatta Point overlooking Bolongo Bay beach resort.

View from our condo at Regatta Point overlooking Bolongo Bay in the Virgin Islands

View from our condo overlooking Bolongo bay

For the last week I’ve been emailing back & forth with a woman who just came through the Panama canal after being in the Pacific.  She is looking for someone to deliver her boat, or help her deliver her boat to Gibraltar.  She is currently cruising the San Blas islands for a couple of weeks then she’ll do a passage to Jamaica & on to the Turks & Caicos where, If we get some details and dates worked out, it looks like I’ll be joining her to help her sail her boat to Gibraltar (specifically Malaga, but Gibraltar has a nicer ring to it).

View of the Caribbean south of St. Thomas taken from our condo at Regatta Point.

View of the Caribbean from our condo.

Her boat is a Bristol 35′ & she has many years of experience including some single handed crossings.  I’m looking forward to meeting her and hopefully the timing will work out right to do the Transatlantic after Coachella but before the series.  If everything works out I’ll be blogging about the trip, putting up updates, progress reports & position reports and lots of pictures.

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