Living on land

I’ve been living in Las Vegas since selling my boat last July.  Selling the boat was part of a long term plan to buy a newer bigger boat & head off on another circumnavigation.  This trip will be open ended & most likely last 5-10 yrs.

I really like Las Vegas & its a great city but living on land after living on a boat for 9 years has been a real shock.  There are definite perks like long hot showers, an endless choice of restaurants & stores on every corner where you can get everything you need, & lots of junk that you don’t, for ridiculously low prices.

There are drawbacks like no humidity which causes my skin to crack & waking up w/ cotton mouth all of the time.  I no longer get to jump overboard & go for a swim every morning, rum is much more expensive & it gets REALLY cold here.  I am not adapting to the cold very well.

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