Blue Moon’s Don’t Come Cheap Sailing Book

The ship’s log and journal of delivering a 40′ sloop from Oahu to Seattle.  The trip was 2500nm and my brother and I did the trip two handed.  The book consists of my daily log book entries, my personal journal of the trip, and 40 pictures.  A real sailing book.
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About the Author:

In 2001, 31-year-old Lance Gettler sold everything he owned, bought a sailboat he’d never seen over the internet and went sailing around the world. He didn’t know how to sail and had only been sailing once before, nine years prior.

Lance is now a professional delivery captain, delivering yachts worldwide. From 2005 to 2006, he sailed around the world aboard his 41′ ketch with his brother, who didn’t know how to sail either. You can read about that in Ask Me Anything About Sailing Around The World. In 2011 alone, he logged more than 12,000 nm at sea aboard three different sailboats.

Blue Moons Don’t Come Cheap

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