Ask Me Anything About Sailing Around The World

An interview about sailing around the world, fishing, and living aboard sailboats.

Ask me Anything About Sailing Around The World, sailing book, circumnavigation

Ask Me Anything About Sailing Around the World is an interview with Lance Gettler. It consists of a series of 185 questions, detailed stories, and captivating photos about sailing, sailboats, and circumnavigation of the globe. Drawing on 10 years of personal experience delivering yachts, fishing onshore and off, and living aboard ship, the author brings a wealth of firsthand experience suitable for any reader—whether an aspiring sailor or simply an armchair enthusiast. Ask me anything… is one of a series of five books about sailing by Lance Gettler. For the story of an international non-stop delivery from Auckland to Seattle, check out Nothing Goes to Weather Like a Delivery Crew.

About the Author:

In 2001, 31-year-old Lance Gettler sold everything he owned, bought a sailboat he’d never seen over the internet and went sailing around the world. He didn’t know how to sail and had only been sailing once before, nine years prior. Lance is now a professional delivery captain, delivering yachts worldwide. From 2005 to 2006, he sailed around the world aboard his 41′ ketch with his brother, who didn’t know how to sail either. In 2011 alone, he logged more than 12,000 nm at sea aboard three different sailboats.

To the present day, he lives aboard a sailboat in the Caribbean, working on and repairing sailboats. He is also active in the sport fishing industry and fishes for a living. While at sea, he lives primarily off the fish he catches himself, a lifestyle he elaborates on in his next book, Fishing to Live.

What was your route?

St. Thomas – Panama – through the Panama Canal – Galapagos – Marquesas – Tuamotu’s -Tahiti – Tonga – Fiji – Australia – Cocos Keeling – Rodriguez – Mauritius – South Africa – St. Thomas

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11 Responses to Ask Me Anything About Sailing Around The World

  1. marco says:

    great story I just finished reading this since i found it 2 or 3 days ago. i definately want a sailboat now. i agree with the previous poster that said you didn’t over romanticized it, this is more of an honest how to adventure thread.

    Can a 20 footer get me to the carribeans? there more in line with what i want to spend right now i read that ellen macartur sailed around brittain in a 21 corribee and other 20 footer have crossed oceans but like you said 35 to 45 would be better for that and is their THE BOOK that will help me pick out the right boat for safety (well for its size anyway) i just want to bum around the gulf coast (i live in south Texas) and the carribeans till I get enough experience and $$ to man up to a circumnavigation. and can you make a detailed article on your medicine/ first aid gear.

    has anybody ever taking out the 18 hp diesel engine and installed Cummins or at least a 350 v8 from a truck? seems like a better way to out run a pirates

    also how do you make money playing poker online well i mean can you do it from the states?

    • De Captain says:

      Yes, a 20′ sailboat can get you to the Caribbean but you’d be much better off with something at least 24′-26′. Try looking for an old Cape Dory, Pearson or something similar. I’ll try to link a couple of the books that were most helpful for me when I started looking for a boat. I’ll try to write up something on first aid gear this month.

      Most sailboats are non planing so their maximum speed is a function of their size, just putting a bigger engine in won’t make it much faster. Yes, you can still play online in the states. Thanks for checking out my blog.

    • De Captain says:

      This book would be a really good place to start searching for a small sailboat.

      The Sailor’s Book of Small Cruising Sailboats: Reviews and Comparisons of 360 Boats Under 26 Feet

      I’m also writing up a short blog post with 3 books I recommend reading before you start shopping for your first sailboat.

  2. Richard Shelman says:

    I am 25 years old and am building my own 31′ tri and plan on sailing down the west coast to french Polynesia. I know vary little about fishing and hoped you could tell me what kind of fishing rod and reel I should get. I really enjoy your Q and A’s. Thanks.

    • De Captain says:

      Check out my fishing videos on youtube. My channel is DeCaptaindotcom. I just posted a new video titled “Fishing setup” that shows the equipment we use and how I set it up. There are also videos of catching and filleting fish.

      I’ve also written a book titled “Fishing To Live”. It’s a how to guide for offshore fishing on passage with information on equipment, rigging lures, hooks, leaders as well as how to catch and clean fish. It has more than 50 photos of how to rig everything as well as detailed step by step instructions.

      It will be available at for the Kindle by mid December.

  3. Mike Bevers says:

    Plan on leaving St Thomas May 5th 2012 for Panama. Transit the canal asap, then head straight to Tahiti. Leave Tahiti mid Sept 2012 heading to NZ. Plan on leaving my 1982 Pearson 424 cutter then for 18 months. How much was the agent fee for the Panama crossing? Did that include line handlers?
    Thanks, Mike

  4. John says:

    Hi.. Just read your review about canal transit and agents on Noonsite and am finding it lacking a bit.. i.e. lacking the contact information for Erik. We will be in Balboa in about 6 – 7 days and would like to get hold of him. I’ll check back when we get there as we have no internet while underway 🙂
    Capt’n John & Crew
    S/V Stone Age

    • John says:

      Ha – Never mind – Just found the contact info .. Funny that when you ask where something is, it turns out to be right in front of you..

      Thanks again.
      capt’n John

  5. David Metzler says:

    Have a bad cold today couldn’t sleep. Ran across your blog and downloaded and read two of your books already.
    I do have another question. I have 5 years experience coastal sailing and some off-shore and racing. What brand of 40′ or so boat would you recommend for an older couple for a couple year coastal cruse, Islands, South America and maybe Atlantic crossing.
    I notice you did your trip in an modified full keel but were considering a fin keel. The reason I asked is because I’ve been on two fin keel boats that grounded and suffered significant damage. What happens is that the keel tips pushing the back of the keel up into the middle of the boat cranking interior floors.
    Any way I am interested in your thoughts.

  6. Chris says:

    Hi Lance,

    I’m curious, I’d love to buy a boat and sail offshore, I feel like this is an absurd question but a few people have warned me, should I be concerned about pirates? And have you ever had any experiences with them, or heard stories of others who had? What is your take on the subject?

    Thanks, I think you have a dream job by the way.


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