Shore leave for a month and a half

I flew home yesterday, to Las Vegas, after a  3 1/2 month delivery of a Hallberg Rassy 45 from Grenada to Tahiti. I’ll be catching up on things and relaxing for a month and a half until I fly to New Zealand on September 9th to deliver a Hallberg Rassy 40 from Auckland to Seattle. My brother and I will be doing this delivery together and the plan is for a non stop 7200nm passage from Auckland to Seattle so that we can be home in time to spend the holidays with friends and family.

Technical problems shut down my website for a month during the last delivery and kept me from posting regular blog updates while on passage, but now that I’m home I think all of the problems are worked out ( with the exception of getting some of the photos reposted) and I’ll be posting photos and videos from our last delivery. Really good internet access is one of those things you don’t appreciate when you live in the states but when you’re out of the country for a while you realize how good you have it.

i think I finally have it worked out now so that on the next delivery from Auckland to Seattle I’ll be able to post daily updates while at sea.

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