Fishing on passage is something my brother and I both really enjoy. Catching big fish is not only fun but provides us with a steady source of very healthy free protein that tastes better than anything you could buy. On our last delivery from Grenada to Tahiti (via Panama and the Galapagos) which took from April 13th to June 20th we only provisioned the boat with 5lbs of hamburger meat and all of the rest of our meat came from fishing.

When we’re on passage we actually only end up fishing maybe 1/3rd of the time because we catch more than we can eat. On our last delivery we caught Mahi Mahi, yellowfin tuna, black fin tuna, skip jack tuna, wahoo, swordfish, sailfish and spearfish.

My brother and I have more than 30,000 nm at sea together, not including our time at sea separately and we’ve become very proficient at catching fish and living off the ocean. My goal is to teach other sailors to fish better and provide you with the knowledge and proper tackle to catch more fish than you can eat every time you head off on a blue water passage.

I’ve included a few pictures of some fish we caught on our last delivery in this post and I’ll be adding a page to my website that will have pictures and videos that cover everything you need to know to catch more fish than you can eat from a sailboat. I have videos of the equipment you need, how to fish and how to fillet large fish while at sea onboard a sailboat. Additionally I’ll be adding some articles on fishing and be offering professionally pre rigged lures and equipment that has been specifically designed and tested to ensure blue water sailors catch fish.

The equipment you need isn’t expensive or complicated but unfortunately many sailors don’t catch nearly as much fish as they could on passage and I plan to offer pre rigged lures, at a very affordable price, that will make it easy for every sailor to catch plenty of fish.

If you have any questions please ask so you can have plenty of fresh fish on passage and every time you pull into port.

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  1. Martin Crimp says:

    You state that “The equipment you need isn’t expensive or complicated…” Could you be a little more specific? I am going to be sailing between islands in French Polynesia and could really use some advise on tackle and lures. Any advice is really appreciated.

  2. De Captain says:

    I cover all of the specific equipment needed as well as technique in my book Fishing to Live

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