I am packing toady & tomorrow & tying up loose ends so I can fly to Puerto Rico Tuesday morning.

I’ve been asked many times about how to pack for deliveries & sailing vacations so I am going to do a detailed post with pictures of the packing process & a detailed list of what I’ll be taking with me to live aboard someone else’s boat for 1 or 2 months.

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De Captain returns to the Caribbean!

I bought a ticket for Puerto Rico today.  I’ll be flying in to San Juan on the 1st to help a retired couple cruise some of the Caribbean & deliver their boat to Florida.

I’ll be doing regular updates of this trip & posting lots of photos.

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De Captain’s Circumnavigation, travel & Plans

In 2005-2006 my brother & I circumnavigated aboard my 41′ ketch S/V Grace.  I’ve lived aboard for more than 9 years.

The circumnavigation took 13 months, covered more than 23,000nm and visited more than 20 ports of call.

Sundown at sea

“Ask me anything about sailing around the world” is an interview in which readers ask questions about sailing & life aboard.  You too can ask any question & have it answered in the Ask me anything interview.

To ask a question just email it to:

Keeping an eye on a car carrier entering the Panama canal

Flying courtesy flags of countries visited

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Time to get out of the cold, looking for deliveries

I’ve decided its time to get out of Las Vegas for a while so I’ve started searching for boats looking for delivery crew.  Lots of boats look for an extra hand or 2 to help on deliveries & long passages.  They want someone to help take watches, help out with daily chores, fix stuff that breaks, keep things clean & help clean & get the boat back in shape upon arrival.

Crewing can be paid, working passages (owner pays all expenses but there is no salary), or some owners actually want crew to help pay expenses.  The situation you negotiate depends largely on how much the boat owner needs crew & your experience.

I’ve been in contact with several boat owners looking for crew this winter & spring & plan to do at least 1 or 2 passages.

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