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Looking for sailing crew?  Need crew? Want to crew? email your need for crew or the type of crew position your looking for & I’ll post it here free.

Feel free to leave information in the comments section as well.

Additionally check out for crew listings.

Another site with crew wanted listings is:

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  1. Ian Dwyer says:

    Hey, i am a 16 year old very interested in sailing, and eventually being part of the crew for a sailing voyage. at what age would i become eligible for most people in need of crew?

    • De Captain says:

      Definitely at age 18 and possibly sooner. You can increase your chances by learning as much about sailing as possible, hanging out at your nearest yacht club and volunteering to help out. Even at 16 I’d imagine you’ll find some people willing to let you come along for weekly races or a weekend day sail and once you start getting experience and proving yourself you’ll get more and more offers.

      One of the most important things to remember is to be helpful and not cause the captain any headaches. This means doing exactly what he asks you to, if your not clear about something ask for an explanation. Always show up on time, stay to help clean the boat and finish up.

      If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I’d also recommend checking out or if you want to submit a crew available ad I’l post it on my crewing page for you.

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